BigDigit is a true pioneer in mobile content marketing. Through an ingenious series of mobile marketing programs, Bigdigit has given hundreds of independent mediamaker access to the market, while building a unique and dynamic collection of mobile content that exploits the new medium itself ...

Still from "Onadime People" by Patrick Burke

"[BigDigit has] a strategy for making tiny content [that] is pretty big: create an entire culture that will ultimately drive compelling media back to itself" - The Feature

The original mobile filmmaker opportunity, is the starting point for hundreds of filmmakers who, thanks to mFlix, no longer have to worry about dealing with Hollywood power brokers, and gatekeepers. is a breath of fresh air and captures the reel essence of the mobile art form, sans brand bullies....

Hundreds of filmmakers, animators, artists


The 'World's Smallest Film Festival' is the definitive, authoritative, original mobile media film festival.

Backed by Intel, BMW , nVidia, QUALCOMM, Real, PV, and more



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